Garlic Peeling Machine Line

  • Apply: make peeled garlics with 150-6000kg/h, can used to separate garlic, peel garlic, make garlic slice, mashed garlic, garlic powder etc

Garlic Peeling Machine Line, Garlic Processing Machine Line

Garlic Peeling Production Line Introduction

Make Capacity 400-5000KG/H Garlic Peeling Machine Line.

Machines Processing: Convey belt, separator, peeling, color sorting, pick out, gas washing, wind drying, package.

garlic peeling machine line design picturer

The garlic peeler machine line consists of garlic convery, garlic separate machine, garlic sort platform, garlic peeling machine and so on.

The final peeled garlic can use garlic slicing machine to make garlic slice, and garlic slice dryer machine also can dry garlic slice.

The final garlic proudct can be packed by vacuum package machine, and they can store long time. Garlic mashed making machine can make mashed garlic.

The garlic processing production line consists of an elevator, garlic bulb separating machine, picking fine, elevator. garlic peeling machine and the picking line for the final product.

garlic peeling machine line

it can be equipped with shding machine, cutting machine, bubble cleaning machine, air dryer.

drying machine and other equipment for garlic deep processing.

It is the most advanced and ideal equipment for food factury to process garlic.

Garlic peeler line,high-quality garlic peeler machine line advantage:

1. The garlic processing machines line is high degree of automation, high production efficiency, labor saving.

2. Environmental protection, energy saving, environmental pollution does not waste raw materials.

3. The garlic processing machine line is made of stainless steel, alsoThey are healthy and with national requirements of food machinery.

4. garlic peeling machine line’s appearance is simple and grand, compact internal structure, small footprint and very easy to use.

5. perfect after-sale, 2 years quality guarantee period, You can change machine parts in 2 years with any quality problems.

Use/Application: The main purpose of garlic processing machine line is to do the first step of garlic process. Then we can make deep processing of garlic peeling, garlic slice etc. The final garlic is mainly used for peeled garlic, dry garlic slice, mashed garlic, allicin and other products.

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