• Garlic Separator Machine
  • Garlic Separator Machine
  • Garlic Separator Machine
  • Garlic Separator Machine
  • Garlic Separator Machine

Garlic Separator Machine

  • Brand Name: Henan NewFarmer

  • Capacity: 400-1200 kg/h

  • Power: 0.75-3Kw/220V

  • Apply: Used to separate(splits) garlic, no damage, separate small and big size garlics.

newfarmer Garlic Separator Machine

Garlic Separator Machine, Garlic Splitting Machine

The Henan NewFarmer garlic splittng machine is used to separate garlic bulbs into cloves, the separated garlics can be as garlic seed, and it also can be used to peel garlic. The working principle is that the garlic will be separated by the rubber rollers extruded power. It’s also applied the exclusive developed pressure adjustable method to ensure the products for different size of garlic bulb.

The garlic separator is easy operation, it has high separating rate. There’s a blower equipped inside the machine which can blow some garlic skin away while operating. It can work with garlic peeling machine.

The garlic separating machine is made of stainless steel and very durable, no rust so it can use long time.

newfarmer Garlic Separator Machine

The garlic separator machine uses soft silicone rubber roller, the separated garlics will be no damage and integral.

The garlic separator machines are suitable for different size garlic, even the small size garlic, the distance between rollers can adjust according size of garlic.

High separated garlic rate, the garlic breaking separating machine separating rate can be up to 95% to 98%, the garlic bulbs need enough dry.

The garlic separators machine are easy for operation, one person can operate it easily. It can save human labor than human manul separate garlics.

With high productivity and high separating rate, the garlic separator machine is extremely useful in the farms, restaurants, hotels and other garlic processing industries.

Strict quality assurance system

This henan NewFarmer garlic machines have been inspected by our experienced Quality Controller officers. Every machine will be test before send customer, We guarantee that this garlic separator machine will meet your satisfaction.

Compete after-selling service system

Every sold garlic machines will be supply compete after-selling service system, To make sure perfect garlic clove separating performance, we will help you handle every separator machine trouble you meet.

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