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  • brusher washing and peeling machine

Potato Washing Peeling Machine

  • Brand Name: Henan NewFarmer

  • Capacity: 80-5000 kg/h

  • Power: 0.5-5.5Kw/110-220-380V

  • Apply: Used to wash and peel root vegetable like ginger, potato etc, 304 stainless steel.

Potato Washing Peeling Machine

Potato washing and Peeling machine, Potato Peeler, potato Peeling Machine

Introduction to Potato Washing Peeling Machine:

Potato washing peeling machine applies to remove the thin peel of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, dasheen, sweet potatoes, etc. It is an indispensable potato washing peeling machine for machine line. The cleaning machine can also work independently in the restaurants, hotels, and some other vegetable or food processing industries. Our potato washing and peeling machine has high peeling rate up to more 98%.

Features of Potato Washing Peeling Machine:

1. Integrating the function of washing and peeling, the potato washing peeling machine can be used for peeling potatoes, carrots, cassava, ginger, kiwi fruit.
2. This automatic washing and peeling machine is made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain. 
3. Rollers are made of nylon rope, a light material which is very durable.
4. Separated dirt and sediment can be removed completely with the circulation of water.
5. The washing and peeling machine is convenient to operate with high working efficiency, so it can improve save labor cost in great extent.

Description of Potato Peeler:

These professional stainless steel electric potato peelers makes quick work of all your potato peeling needs with an output capacity of 10 to 20 kg per batch. The potato peeler is simple and safe to use, as well as easy to clean. Enjoy a swift peeling cycle with minimal product waste. The electrical components are protected in a sealed box to ensure safe operation. The automatic potato peeler is a great choice that combines economy and efficiency for all of your potato peeling needs.

Advance advantage of electric potato peeler machine:

Compact design thus occupies very little space. Body is from stainless steel with cast iron ring stand for better vibration absorb. Easy to operate, high rinsing and peeling ratio, no damage to potato flesh and suitable for the souse potato chip. Low temperature peeling technology thus the original ingredient cannot destroy.

Robust construction of electric potato peeler:

Potato peelers are made from heavy duty stainless steel fabricated body. Stainless steel peeling chamber coated with abrasive silicon carbide, which peels the potatoes. Stainless steel peeling chamber’s bottom plate is drive with help of suitable 4 pole totally enclosed fan cooled single or three phase squirrel cage motor as per is: 325 or 996 {electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1 or 3 phase}

Application of electric potato peeler batch type:

Electric potato washing and peeling machine is suitable for bulb vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, turnip and taro, pachysandras, guava, beet root, and cleaning in very short time.

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