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About Henan NewFarmer Food Machinery

Henan NewFarmer Machinery is a famous supplier of food machinery and other food related machines in China. Our food machinery has professional customer service. We are a food machines manufacturer with 11(2008-2019)years’ experience, We supply an exclusive range of vegetable and meat processing machine line, such as garlic peeling machine, potato chips machine line, variety meat processing line, vegetable washing& peeling machine, fruit washing& drying machine, etc. We NewFarmer Machinery are good at washing, peeling and cutting food material. All of our machines are widely used in both domestic and commercial sectors.

newfarmer garlic peeler

NewFarmer Garlic Peeling Machine, High Quality Best Price, Commercial Using

Automatically peel garlic

The Garlic peeling machine is to automatically peel garlic, just need one man handle, put separated garlic in and collect garlic into container, It’s save labor and money. 15-600kg/h capacity.

No damage, High Peeling Rate

The NewFarmer garlic peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle, it will not damage the garlic after peeling, the peeling rate is 95% to 98%. We will send accessories to you.

potato chips machine line

Potato Chips Machine Line

This NewFarmer Machinery semi-automatic potato chips machine line in low price is specially designed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We offer three different models(30 kg/h, 60 kg/h, 150 kg/h, 200kg/h, 400kg/h) for various potato chips sellers. Semi-automatic potato chips line can be applied in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc. Semi-automatic potato chips machine line has the similar functions as fully-automatic potato chips production line, while manual potato chips line has much lower price and is specially suitable for small scale potato chips manufacturers. Three different yield potato chips processing lines enjoy high praise in our customers. Smallest potato chips machine line with 30 kg/h yield is best for super market or food retailer store. Potato chips business is the most-lasting business now and forever.

Customer Reviews On Henan NewFarmer Food Machine 

Dear Alice,

We purchased some garlic to put through the garlic peeling machine and it worked good, My business is better and better now.

Thank you


Dear Alice,

Thanks for your support, we have received the vegetanle and fruit cutting machine, I have sell the product to my  state, Hope you can keep after selling service.

Best regards


Dear Alice,

The factory is using the processing line to product potato chips, and the potato chips and slices are packed and has ordered by our customer, Please give more discount next order.

Thank you