• food frying machine
  • food frying machine
  • food frying machine

Food Frying Machine

  • Brand Name: Henan NewFarmer

  • Capacity: 10-1200 kg/time

  • Fahrenheit: 32-550 ℉

  • Apply: Used to fry variety kinds of foods such as potato chips, slices, chicken, banana etc, full 304 stainless steel.

food frying machine

Food Frying Machine, Frying Machine, Potato chips frying machine

Introduction of Food Frying machine:

The food frying machine is used to fry variety kinds of foods, The machine is made of full SUS304 stainless steel, It can be heated by electric or coal. Workers can set temperature freely. the oil and water mixed automatic stratification, oil in the upper heated frying food, water under the acceptance of sinking slag, the timely removal of, not because of the ordinary frying machine short time oil floating black residue black acidification, causing waste. The fried foods are health and safety.

Application of Food Frying machine:

The food frying machine can fry many kinds foods such as potato chips, pasta and variety snacks etc. The machine is with high degree of automation, It’s widely used to snack foods, fish, meat, poultry, aquatic products, meat pie, balls, rice crust etc. The processing is save energy and automatically control temperature.

Features of Food Frying machine:

1. The machine is made by food grade 304 stainless steels. Besides, it can save energy about 40% compare to normal fry machines.
2. The automatic oil temperature control is equipped on the machine, It has automatic temperature function.
3. High heating efficiency, The machine is save energy and fast heating while working.
4. The dregs will be filtered out automatically, The machine is equipped with circulation-filtering system, the material will be keep integral.
5. The food frying machine has variety heating way such as electricity, LPG, natural gas, coal.
6. The Food Frying machine has electricity leaking protector, it’s safety when working. When the temperature anomaly, the safeguard will work and give an alarm.

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