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  • chain type garlic peeler
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  • peeled garlics
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Chain Type Garlic Peeler

  • Brand Name: Henan NewFarmer

  • Capacity: 1000-6000 kg/h

  • Power: 2.2-4.4Kw/220V

  • Apply: Used to peel garlics, no damage, peel small and big size garlics, 95% Peeling Rate

chain garlic peeler machine

Chain Type Garlic Peeler, Chain Garlic Peeling Machine For Sale

High Capacity Chain Type Garlic Peeler is used for garlic clove peeling. it has large capacity which can reach 1ton-1.5ton. Generally, it is used for dehydrate garlic granule production line or garlic powder production line.

Chain type dry garlic peeling machine powered by compressed air, the chain carry the separated garlics into the peeling house, and the whirling airflow work in the peeling warehouses, large garlic peeling into the warehouse through the chain of transmission, the compressed air will blow the garlic skin fast.

Chain Type Garlic Peeling Machine Features:
Very Big Capacity from 1000-6000Kg/h
Completely automatic garlic peeling operation
Works on compressed air, Energy saving unit
Very compact
High production efficiency
Easy for maintenance and cleaning
Easy to operate
Can peel different size of garlic, clove and membrane separated
Suitable for complete production line or single station working
No damages and will have long preservation for peeled garlic

Chain Type Garlic Peeler — features and advantages of dry garlic peeling equipment:
1. High degree of equipment automation, manpower saving and working efficiency greatly improved;
2. During the peeling process of garlic, the size of garlic cloves is not limited and can be processed without separation;
3. The working process does not use water and has no pollution to the environment;High peeling rate of garlic;
4. Stable performance, practical, safe and convenient operation and maintenance.

Equipment chain type garlic peeler technical advantages and characteristics:
1.The Chain Type Garlic Peeler is , high effiency, no hurt to the garlic, easy operated, one workers only and energy saved.
2. The whole machine is made of the stainless steel, fully meet the food grade material, small size, environmental protection, pollution-free, easy to operate and save time and labor, is the food seasoning plant, dehydration plant, fruit and vegetable processing industry and other effective handlers.
3.Chain garlic peeling machine to compressed air as the driving force, the use of warehouse shedding structure, installed in the dehumidification warehouse above the whirling airflow, garlic flap through the chain into the peeling warehouse, in the peeling warehouse to achieve garlic skin separation, the machine to high yield, energy saving Power and other advantages, has been widely used.

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