• Vegetable Cutting Machine
  • Vegetable Cutting Machine
  • Vegetable Cutting Machine

Vegetable Cutting Machine

  • Brand Name: Henan NewFarmer

  • Capacity: 400-1000 kg/h

  • Power: 0.75-3Kw/220V

  • Apply:Used to Cut vegetable into slice, dice, chips into many shape, 2-10mm, 304 stainless steel

vegetable cutting machine

Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting Machine,Vegetable Fruit Cutting Machine

Introduction of Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter Machine:

This multifunctional vegetable cutting machine is designed according to the principle of hand-cutting vegetables, The vegetable cutting thickness can be 1.5-30mm. The vegetable will be automatically transported to the vertical knife under the cut or cut pieces. The machine is Widely used in a variety of roots, stems and leaves of vegetables and kelp, soy products. The final cutting can be processed to slicers, blocks, strip and a variety of shapes.

Application of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine:

This multifunctional vegetable slicing machine can cut various vegetables and fruits such as all root vegetables, stem vegetables, leaf vegetables, banana, lemon, melon etc.(The slicing scope includes cabbage, pepper, chili, chives, mustard, leek, kelp, celery, garlic, potato, yam, bamboo shoot, onion, melon, eggplant etc.)

The multifunctional vegetable cutting machine is widely used in the small and big kitchen, restaurant, school dining hall, hotel and the food process factory.

Advantage of multifunctional vegetable cutter machine:

It’s multifunctional application and can cut many vegetables and fruits.

The multifunctional vegetable cutting machine design is imitation artificial design, the cutting effect is very good.

It can be equiped with With four blades, cut slice, strip, shred, chip, cube, rhombic, crinckle shape.

We will freely send you transporting belt to convey vegetables and spare parts when you buy.

The brush which is equiped on the end of machine can clean the transporting belt, no dirty, It’s more clean and healthy.

The multifunctional vegetable cutter machine is equiped with four wheels, more easier to move around freely.

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