• garlic color sorter
  • garlic color sorter
  • garlic color sorter
  • garlic color sorter
  • garlic color sorter

Garlic Color Sorter

  • Brand Name: Henan NewFarmer

  • Capacity: 600-4000 kg/h

  • Power: 2-6Kw/110-220-380V

  • Apply: Sort garlic with skin, scarred garlic, garlic skin, sugar garlic and other impurities.

NewFarmer Garlic Color Sorter Application:

It’s widely used in garlic peeling machine line, help save worker to pick up garlic, save money in working.

When we peel garlics, we will get not peel garlics with skin, scarred garlics, garlic skin, sugar garlics and other impurities. We need a lot of people to pick garlic for processing.

The garlic solor sorter can sort garlics according to the color and shape difference, it save much labor and time, increase the garlics processing capacity.

Garlic Color Sorter Technical features of products

1. The unique dust-proof structure solves the problem that the lower glass is easy to be polluted, and the color separation stability is far higher than that of similar models in the market.

2. Computer control: professional operation software is embedded in the industrial touch computer, and the parameters can be accurately set through image comparison, so as to realize automatic sampling and one click activation.

3. The combination of 6K ultra-high resolution camera and 2.25mm ultra-small eruption can effectively reduce the take-out ratio of defective products, and the optimal belt out ratio can reach 10:1.

4. Full LED light source. There are four LED spotlights in the upper and lower parts. The Garlic Color Sorter materials in the sorting area have almost no shadow under the illumination of four light sources. Moreover, the LED light source has the advantages of high brightness, stable brightness and long service life.

5. Automatic fault detection, automatic diagnosis and repair of various faults, which makes it easier to use.

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